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Hypnotherapy FAQs

Don't know much (or anything) about Hypnotherapy? Here are some common questions and answers to help fill you in!


Michelle studied Hypnotherapy with the School of Rapid Transformational Therapy® and is still in awe of its efficacy.

Hypnotherapy can help with...


Weight Issues

Fears and Phobias

Skin Conditions


Sexual Issues

Childhood Issues

Public Speaking

Auto-Immune Disorders


Imposter Syndrome

Life Purpose

Peak Performance

Relationship Issues

Physical Ailments

Spiritual Confusion


Anything that you want to overcome or accomplish but can't seem to get the results you are striving for

What Clients have to say...
My session with Michelle was so profound. I was able to connect with memories from my childhood, experiences my adult self completely forgot about. As I continued to listen to the transformational recording Michelle made for me, I quickly found that my behaviours improved almost immediately. Can’t wait to work on other targeted behaviours with her. I would highly suggest her to anyone!

Female client, age 33

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