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Privacy Policy

This is to inform you what data Starbright Mind collects and how it is managed.



Below is a list of data the Startbright Mind may collect from you and why it may be collected: 

  • Name and age – this is basic information that helps me get to know you

  • Address, email address, phone number – I use this as a way of contacting you regarding your sessions. I will mainly use email, but if I cannot reach you, I will try a different method.

  • Next of kin/medical professional’s details – If I was worried that you were at risk then I may need to contact your next of kin or medical professional, if I can. I will let you know when/if I am going to do this.

  • Session notes – I keep brief notes of our session(s), There is a hard copy (stored in locked filing cabinet) and a digital copy (stored on my password protected computer hard drive).



It is very unlikely that Starbright Mind will share your data. It will never be sold or used for unethical reasons. It may be shared if session notes are subpoenaed by court. If you or anyone you talk about is at harm or risk of harm, this information may need to be passed on. Your case may be discussed during supervision without giving your full name.



Client data is mainly stored as hard copy in a locked filing cabinet. Immediately after your session is finished, any digital data is transfered to a file on a password protected computer. Your phone number(s) may be kept in Michelle Duncan's password protected cell phone with your first name and last initial. Only Michelle Duncan will access your information. Forms and recordings stored on a private cloud service (Google Forms/ Google Drive) will be removed 21 days after your session and saved in either or both your physical file or digitil file, protected as stated above. 

Your details and session notes will be saved for the time required by Starbright Mind's insurer (currently 7 years). You may request access to this information at any time within this time frame and it will readily be provided to you. 


After this time, if you have not continued further sessions with Starbright Mind, any document with your personal information will be destroyed and your contact information will be permanently deleted from Michelle Duncan's cell phone.

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