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If you feel:โ€‹โ€‹

  • stuck-in-a-rut 

  • like time is passing you by

  • you aren't reaching your goals

  • exhausted by all the 'trying' and 'work' 

  • you're just not THRIVING

...then it's time to uncover and release your INTERNAL BLOCKS + and REALIGN yourself to SUCCESS!

Change IS possible. You CAN do it. You DESERVE to have your desires.

You are in the right place to succeed...โ€‹

Michelle is here to help you:

  1. Find what's keeping you stuck

  2. Let it go

  3. Reach your goals with EASE

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Starbright Mind is a hypnotherapy and mindset coaching practice operated by Michelle Duncan, C Hyp.

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In all moments I felt guided by Michelle  in a very safe manner where my most vulnerable moments could be expressed with acceptance.


  • I am no longer triggered by people or events around me.

  • I can say with a straight face that I love myself to others but most importantly to the mirror.

  • My anxiety has already decreased notably.

  • My levels of energy are increasing. 

  • I have interests again. I am an artist, but I had lost all will to create. I can now feel that urge-that lovely muse returning to me.

  • I am rediscovering who I am and who I want to be within this rebirth.

  • My fears of returning to old habits or of painful thought pattern no longer haunt me. 

  • I am a better employee, better partner to my spouse and a better parent all due to discovering and reclaiming my inner self. I own my power now and I am not afraid of losing it anymore.


Eternally amazed, inspired and grateful.


-Female Client, 51

Michelle’s help during a difficult transition time was paramount to my healing. Just knowing that she was in my corner to help me heal was so comforting.

The personalized hypnosis recording was a constant reminder that I choose how my experiences impact my present day reality and on more than one occasion I actually felt my spirits lift after listening.

I would recommend Michelle’s services to anyone in a dark place looking for some light.


- Female Client, 37

My session with Michelle was so profound. I was able to connect with memories from my childhood, experiences my adult self completely forgot about.

As I continued to listen to the transformational recording Michelle made for me, I quickly found that my behaviours improved almost immediately.

Can’t wait to work on other targeted behaviours with her. I would highly suggest her to anyone!


-Female Client, 33

Michelle was an absolute joy to work with. So professional and I really felt understood and heard during my session with her. We worked on negative self talk, time management, and social anxiety. All very big topics that held me back from enjoying my life. At one time I was so anxious about what others thought of me I avoided leaving the house and cancelled plans with even close friends and family.


I did the work and listened to the tailored meditation Michelle constructed after our session for 21 days. And the results were astronomical. For the first time since dating my partner (of over 1 year) I felt confident enough to meet his friends for the first time. I was constantly running late for things and known as the " late friend" today I am only late half the time.


Highly recommend Michelle to anyone wanting to better themselves.


- Female Client, 26

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