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Starbright Soul

 Creating change starts with intention, we tend to spend a lot of time focusing our minds on what we want, or avoiding what we don't want. While Hypnotherapy and Coaching provide a beautiful and grounded space to create true a lasting change, it is helpful to be reminded of our deeper divinity. That we are humans second to being pure energy and the act of play is a profound way to not only boost our energy, but also create inspirational channels for change to occur. 

Through the creative activity or storytelling, our minds are allowed to explore new possibilities and understand challenges and opportunities uninhibited by forceful or rigid reason. Tarot is an incredible tool to let our souls explore what our minds cannot comprehend. It is a tool for understanding both our feelings and our overall state of being, allowing the progression of change to occur in a light and non-attached manner as well as understand our authentic desires more clearly. 

Additionally, connecting with our deeper sense of self - disconnected from mind - is a place of pure intention, a place of potential, and a place of timelessness. Mastering the concept, practice, and art of connection (in all its meanings) is a liberating form of presence. Through reiki healing activities and meditation guidance, you will begin to learn how to communicate directly with: your body; your higher self; others; and desired potentials of reality.

There is no right or wrong way to explore and express your soul, in fact, I believe this is truly the basis of each of our unique lives - to discover our soul. My curiosities and enjoyment come from Tarot, Reiki, Meditation, and Astrology. These are the tools I use to explore my truest aspects of self and continually align my path to surrender and happiness. These are also the tools I use to communicate with, help, and share with others. We are all profoundly intuitive and these tools allow me to connect with my intuition in a natural and effortless way, allowing me to share this insight with others in a way they can also intuitively understand. It is all and exploration process, there is no finish line in soul 'work'. The turh is, it isn't work at all - it is play.  Soul play serves to create space for the Mind practice (both conscious and subconscious) to integrate and transform your experience of self and ultimately your experience of reality. 

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